complex india

We used to do things out of India, quite different from what we favour now but it was a long time ago.  I found it difficult dealing from there.  Delays, monsoon, too-pushy traders… but I did like India for its colour and vibrancy.  You could not find two countries more different than India and China; chalk and cheese. China restrained, orderly, quiet; India exuberant, vibrant,full colour and though it has less people than China , it seems infinitely more.  They’re all on the street all of the time it seems. The Chinese are quiet , their street presence is minimal.As Obama said the other day when asked to choose between France and Britain as number one ‘friend’.  He said it was like choosing between his 2 beloved daughters.  I agree, I could not choose between India and China.  Too different though I definitely know that I prefer Chinese architecture, and there is absolutely no comparison between the two. But then I’m a minimalist minimalist. India, Hindu India and China, the Middle Kingdom , are eternal.

Now this is something-a comment from V.S. Naipaul about the current state of India : The crisis of India is not only polical or economic. The larger crisis is of a wounded  old civilization that at last has become aware of its inadequacies and is without the intellectual means to move ahead.

Maybe that’s because so many of its intellectual elite emigrate to the West where they inevitably do very well. Stagnation, in any sense, cannot said of China; they have made everything new.

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