An old Chinese portrait we found way out in eastern China. I’d like to keep it ! If we don’t sell it in due course I will ! Somethings are worth more than the money someone may pay you. Being found a very long way from Beijing it goes to show the reach of the Chinese Empire and Emperor in Classical China.  One may not like the character of Chinese government now or then but one must concede they were nonetheless governed ! Unlike India which certainly by the 17thC was not being governed; there was chaos and upheaval everywhere.  I have been reading a book by NK Naipaul who says that India has always been unstable swaying back and forth between invasion and conquest.  He also has a lot to say about the effect of this on India, on its soul so to speak.  I’ll refresh my mind and return to this aspect of Mother India again is comments are very interesting and worth the airing.  That descriptive, Mother India, suggests that regardless Indians feel a deep, nurturing connexion with their land.  I suspect this does not much leave them when they become part of the diaspora that now patchworks the Western world. in my opinion India was governed effectively by the British but colonialism became non-viable with the emergence of a sense of nationalism in India. Was British rule in the end good for India or not?  That was an recurrent question in my University days !!  My guess is that they are still asking it.

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