china idealized

Yuanmingsishi jing tuyong – Forty Views of Yuanmingyuan.  The Chinese always name things in full describing the multitude of characteristics of an item or an action, or a person..  I asked a Chinese friend once who has lived in Australia for decades , if he thought in Chinese or English, and he said, English because it’s quicker !  I was not all that surprised because  a sign like STOP HERE will take 3 lines of characters ! By the way how wonderful is this Ming piece of art.  So refined, so perfectly Chinese.  It was, of course, the art of the Ming Dynasty that shaped the later Chinese aesthetic , and they, I have read, borrowed much from the earlier dynasty, the Tang.  Now I like Tang art too (not that one could ever buy an original).  I like its simplicity and rustiness.  There’s something very charming about its simplicity.

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