somewhere in china

Maybe this  is an idealised view of a back lane in China – somewhere, anywhere, but not no-where and, it is humble but beautiful.  Look at that pot and that door! What a colour ! Only time can make a colour like that.  One may try  to fake it( lots do) but it will never look the real thing. I can say a lot more about that but will I ? Or the question of shanties and ‘developments?, ‘Macmansions’ as we call them .  Probably not.  Why? Partly because it would take an ocean of words and, partly because I deeply respect other people’s homes.  People live and love in everything from hovels to mansions. Whatever.  If you doubt that one can make a home of a hovel, I beg to differ.  A home is a state of mind.  If you beg to differ, do some more reading on India.  Lots of of it out there, go look a bit deeper; it will be a very fruitful journey.

Bonne nuit

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