is it or is it not?

I am no curator of art , though a sometime practitioner and an interested amateur, but my guess is this is not a Van Gogh ! I have looked at a lot of his work including in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and I do not think this his work, the brush strokes are not firm enough, distinctive enough. The painting also looks as though it has been cut off, the bottom is missing.  The argument has raged for years and I am unsure where it is now but did you read over the weekend the view of experts that at least 20 or 30%of artworks sold in Australia are fakes?! People pay huge sums to consultants to advise them and still don’t end up with the real thing. You know the fake could easily be as good, as well executed, as the original so why are we so hung up about the authenticity of the name on the canvas?  What is it that makes the original so  imbued  with a certain sanctity ? Is it just the money ?


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