about us…

We are  family. We live in Western Australia, in an old house, in a 19thC colonial town, by a port, a 20 minute drive from our shop, 3 minutes from the beach or a coffee.
We have been doing what we do for decades and we are still passionate about it !

We are inspired by visual culture, by old and beautiful things (and sometimes new), by the empathetic souls we meet in our travels, by the people we work with who share our enthusiasms and forgive our blunders !

We are voracious readers – of histories and biographies, of design and style, of newspapers and blogs, of discussion sites…
We tend towards the ‘less is more’ point of view but, I confess I’m in more is more state of mind right now – good pieces of furniture and a sense of abundance.

We are immersed in China but we look afield  occasionally…. to Istanbul, to Cambodia, to India.

We are always wondering what’s next (but rarely know).

We are always thrilled (and sometimes surprised) by the warm response we get to the things we find.

We look, we buy and then we  sell instinctively.

We have had a long love affair with Istanbul : the place, the sounds, the people , its kilims !

We think classic Chinese furniture is one of the pillars of global material culture, and we are developing a serious interest in Chinese art too.

bon chance!